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everytime i look for you the sun goes down [entries|friends|calendar]

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[04 Jan 2005|08:03pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

yah well.. ill update this evry once ina while.. butttt i have a myspace now.. so its gunan be a pain in the asshole to do both ahhaa.. im lazy and what else can i say.? lol

i love how people can make u so happy and so mad at the same time.. actually ihate it ....

damnitttttt muthasssss


ps. im wicked tired

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mmmmmm.. yah [26 Dec 2004|06:45pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

well.. i wish they had a name for the day after christmas

i havnt updated in like 60 years.. soo i guesss i will

alot has happened since december 5th.. (my last entry)
.. nothing i rly wanna right in here.. caus its gay anddddd u probly dont care anyways....

but i had an alright christmas.. i guess sumthing was just.. missing.. i was wicked happy with everything i got.. and it has nothing to do with "material" things.. but idk.. i guess sumthing was just missing

i havnt been 100% happy lately.. been through some rough shitttttttt..

i just wish i could talk to.... someone* hmmm

im glad to know that everyone else had a wicked fun christmas..

but now its vacation.. 1 week till school
in a way i just want to go back to school and have everything back to normal again.. where i see everyone, everyday. but i do wanna hangout with my friends and have fun too. i just hope im out most of vacatioon instead of home.. bored to death..

i hope u all have a good vacation.. comment if u want.. </3 .. tawna

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smiless??! [05 Dec 2004|02:19pm]
[ mood | intimidated ]

idk.. alot has happened.. this weekend has been really fun

friday was awesome with paula.. we had a wicked fun time.. cause shes SO hot

and saturday was the best caus i went out with alex jackie and kacie.. haha so many good times.. lol.. oh man the guy with teh nose!! and we got ina little food fight.. hahaha wow too many things to even write down

im actually happy right now.. which is awesome.. alot of things have been going on with everything but i know what i need to do about them all of it

11 days.. untill i get my braces off.. immm SO excited.. you dont even know..!!

your never gunan belive this.. but im actually NOT cold right now.. i know its amazing!!

<3333 tawna

KKKaciee: i LOVE it when you can comb it down fooo evaH
me 2 kacie.. me 2.. LOL
i lvoe our convos.. not love.. lvoe!!

OHH and.. im not really intimidated.. i just liked teh face.. hehhehee

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*sadfacessss... [02 Dec 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

i dont know... :( :(

it seems like all the people that i thought cared the most about me, and that i care most about.. dont care about me anymore...

i feel soooo..
out of place.
just... not me.. i cant even explain it.. i feel horrible.

i have a cold right now.. caus i had to walk home from the bus in the rain the other day..

me and my parents never get along.. it seems like im never good enough for them.. i can never meet their expectations.. but lately it seems like im not good enough for anyone.. im beggining to feel maybe worse then i used to be at times.. but its only at certain times


im putting pics on here sumtime soon.. but that might mean in like a month.. who knows.. i know i dont..

</3 tawna

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wwwooowwww [20 Nov 2004|04:15pm]
[ mood | FREEZING!! ]

i never write in this anymore.. ha sorry.. too much shit had been going on..

like i care.. haha do i ever?lol

well everything has been allright.. i really like being in school.. Nooooo i hate the work, but i love hangin out wiht my fiends and seeing everyone.. plus.. something new ALWAYS happens.. its awesome .. lol

im SOOOOO cold right now.. but when am i not cold?? im always soo frigin cold :-/ damnit!!

im at my dads house right now.. last night i slept over erins house..GOOD TIMES.. i love her :)

welll ill update laterrrrr.. hopefully.. hhaa

leave me some love :-D

<33 tawna

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[03 Nov 2004|07:53pm]
[ mood | fantabulous ]

sry i havnt updated in forever... my computer broke..

things have beeen interesting..

thats all im writing.



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[26 Oct 2004|08:27pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

i never update this anymore.. im getting lazy

OML guess what.. i dont like ANYONE rihgt now.. i dont think. im so happy about it too. i can do whatever i want and be happy. ive been feeling happy for a few days now... :) <333 im feeling a little loved which is soo good.. everything has been good.. and everyone has been SO nice and awesome and i love it

i got my hair cut/highlighted.. anndd i got it highlighted.. REDDDDDDishh its soo cool and i ahve my old blond ones too.. its kinda alot shorter too but its nto rly THAT short..

im getting my pics from north conway with my sis done soon so ill have some pictures on here..

leave a commmeeenntt.. you know i love to read them :-D



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[17 Oct 2004|07:51pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

HEY!!! i havnt been on LJ in like 100 years. i gutta say.. i loved all the comments i got in my last entry. ha!!

weeeelll im finally ungrounded, so im wicked excited about that, i still cant go on IM, but im allright with that. soo much sruff has happened.. alot really bad and some good. but i had a major breakthru this weekend.. and im happy again :)

i realized that i dont care what people think or say or anything.. im just gunan be me and im not gunna try to make everyone like me.. because thats not gunna happen.. no one is liked by everyone. And.. im not one of those people who say shit about other people just to make themselves feel better or whatever, because if u think about it.. who actually thinks your better, you just proving that your shallow and VERY insecure about yourself. ive learned so much in this past month. YAhh it all may sound so corny, but its really true. ive learned who my real friends are.. and how people can be big asssholes. all these stereotypes are so gay.. we are all just people.
and for that person who called me a slut.. do u actually no what that word means, because as far as i know.. im still a virgin.. soo how can i be a slut?? im just gunna be me.. and if some people dont like it.. then thats not really my problem, because they obviosly dont really know me that well.

so much has been going on in my life, i havnt realized all the good things ive had. And now ive blown so many things because i was selfish.. and i wanted to be happy so bad. I had happiness right in front of me the whole time. uhhhh... no im gunna say some things that i might regret saying later but its the truth::: well.. ive been hearing so much about josh and ashley lately and i dont know what to think or do.. i mean only like a week ina half ago he supposibly liked me and no its all diffrent. I guess its all my fault tho.. i mean i kinda ignored him for a few days and acted kinda like an asshole. but the truth is.. i still like him. and seeing or hearing about him with someone else.. i cant even explain it.. i dont like it.. but if they like eachother.. then i am happy for them.. i just wish i didnt take everything i have for granted.

i know it sounds like im sad.. from this entry. but im not.. i just wanted to get some things off my mind

comment or whatever
<3 tawna

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wow im so frigin tired [16 Sep 2004|08:48pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

im so frigin tired im tipping back and forth..

its frigin awessomeeee..!!!!!

anyways.. things have been allright.. im actually trying to make the best of everything. GO ME. tomorro i think im hangin out wiht either paula.. or nobody.. then saturday im going to kacies and sleeping over

u have no idea how tireed i am.. i woke myself up to come online.. how gay is that.. hahha and its like 8:40 haha im so cool... not really

MARY J <-- hahhahahha kaciee.. LOL

yah yah yah yah.. comment or whatever caus i wanan feel loved :)

<333 tawna

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[13 Sep 2004|08:02pm]
[ mood | weird ]


there i let it out. man that felt good.

the last few days have been really gay, im getting over it i guess, but a part of me wants to stick up for myself and say sumthing. oh well. i wanna just let it go so i stop thinking about it. i should give it up.. what i want.. and whats reality is NEVER gunan happen. so i should just shut up and let ppl have awesome lives instead of me ruining them... like i did to mine. AHH

you dont havta try and make me feel better. seriously. i doubt itll work


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[09 Sep 2004|08:13pm]
[ mood | BLAH ]

stupid shit i wrote

heading for a dead end
im where i dont belong
never been loved
been lost for so long
i put myself together
drag myself away
feeling so misplaced
living day by day
almost praying for death
but i feel uncomfortable
because even the devil
dont take the unpuctual
i sit on the sidelines
im out of play
im used to the feeling
of not being okay
my past is my present
there is no fresh start
my future lies waiting
if i ever find my heart

i know it sucked.. not one of my best but i wrote it today..

</3 tawna

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ehhhhhh [08 Sep 2004|07:57pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

why am i so sad?? nothing rly is wrong with my life. what the hell im never happy with what i have. i guess im feeling really really really lonely. honestly, most of the guys ive ever liked never liked me back.. i mean yah ive had bfs obviosuly, but like.. the guys like i always rly like.. seem to never like me.. and my friends, they always get everything they want. they are all so perfect and everything is great with there lives. they are all soo gorgous and they get the guys they want and soo much attention.. and me..?? im nothing. im not anything they are. and i hate it. i hate when i act like this. im sucha loser. i dont know how my friends put up wiht me

</3 tawna

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new lj [04 Sep 2004|02:51pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

this is my new lj.. i got bored soo i made a new one.. yess my life is so exciting..

actually.. ALOOTT had happened over the last week..but im not gunna even attempt to write it i case people that i dont want to know read it.. hahaha

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